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Modified 16 November 2021

Learn Web Concept Using PHP
Coming Soon

Modified 18 November 2021

O-Level Computer Science Course
Are you looking for an O level Or A Level Computer Science tutor for your child who can guide you, support you, help you to achieve higher grades?  My name is Mohammed Syed. I have been teaching Computer Science for the last 17 years in the UK and in abroad, which made me become an expert in O Level and A-level Computer Science curriculum. Additionally, I have 9 years of experience marking Cambridge(CIE), OCR exam board  ICT, and Computer Science papers. And I am an advanced Python programmer. All these skills made me a unique teacher to teach Computer science to your child to provide the best possible opportunities to achieve a higher grade in O Level and A-level Computer Science.

Modified 22 November 2021

Java from beginner to complete Dev

Modified 23 November 2021

Migrating to Bootstrap 4
Bootstrap 4 is a major rewrite of the entire project.

Modified 21 December 2021

Python Web Development using DJANGO
Learn to build websites and webapps with, Python 3 , and Django!

Modified 3 April 2022

JavaScript Functions In-Depth
Hands on JavaScript Function A-Z for Practitioners